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Μπαρ Σουβενιρ opens again at 27th of October

It's time for migration.

Bar Souvenir, High and wet

Six months have gone by since we first welcomed you to our beloved Taratsa on top of 1010 Hall. Six months full of beautiful moments and all thanks to your love and support that made this time unforgettable. And for that we thank you.

Although the ending of Taratsa also means the ending of the summer season and this can be somewhat sad, we wave goodbye with a very happy feeling.

We are going back home.

We are finally ready to welcome you back to our newest version of Bar Souvenir.

You guessed correctly, Bar Souvenir is fully upgraded, refreshed and ready to open its doors from this Wednesday the 27th of October.

Join us for a cocktail of a boozy G&T in our backyard or maybe you 'd prefer a glass of wine in our fully upgraded interior. We know you'd love to see our newest transformation :)

Opening Tuesday to Saturday 18:00 - 00:30 starting from the 27th of October.

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