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Taratsa Bye Bye Party 💥

Closing Party, Bye Bye Baby.

Summer holidays are over, schools are open, universities might be during mid terms by now and we are about to wave goodbye to our beloved Taratsa.

Join us on our last night to celebrate together the end of the summer season on top of 1010Hall and our migration to Μπαρ Σουβενίρ.

Nothing fancy or complicated this time. What you need to know!

1. It's a stock out party. Everything must go. We hate carrying things around.

2. 40% on all drinks. And we mean all of the drinks; alcoholic or not, premium, ultra premium, shots, long drinks, wines and beers.

3. 20% discount on all merch. Not a lot of these sexy jerseys left so if you are looking to get your hands on one, Sunday might be the night.

4. We start at 16:00 and finish at 23:59 by the clock. Come early, drink early, sleep early, wake up early, go to work early with a cool High&Wet jersey and a story to share.

As always Mr Potbelly is responsible to keep your belly full and ADVK's tunes will accompany us to our final evening. See you high at 1010Hall

P.S. Don't forget to book your table.


Can't make it on Sunday? Other plans in the way? Want more High and Wet? Wonder we are we doing after Taratsa?

This is where you can find us 👇

Bar Souvenir In our fully upgraded house in old Strovolos town. Starting from the 27th of October.

Follow our other page to stay up to date regarding highandwet news 👇

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